Two Guys Painting Inc
Serving All of Central Oregon
Painter using ladder - Painting Services in Bend, OR
1. Residential Painting - Interior & Exterior, New Construction & Repaint. From the consultation and bid, site preparation, masking, sanding, priming, first & second coats, trim work, touch-up and clean-up, our job will leave you satisfied.

2.Commercial Painting - Interior & Exterior, New Construction & Repaint. All the above steps followed to get you the painting job you need.

3. Wood Deck Power Washing, Staining/Painting & Sealing - For brightening, longevity, livability, and preservation.

4. Wood Fence Power Washing, Staining/Painting & Sealing - To color-match your house or preserve the wood.

5. Garage Floor Epoxy Application - A great look to finish the garage. You'll find great clean-up ability with the epoxy seal.

6. Snow Removal Services - Seasonal Snow Relocation Services include ice melt application, hand shovel work, plow truck operations.